Who is eligible?
All certified PSWs employed in Long-Term Care Homes registered in Ontario that provide personal support services in accordance with the Long-Term Care Homes Act, 2007.

Are private PSWs, hired by family or agencies, eligible?
No. To be eligible, you must be employed by a Long-Term Care Home directly.

Can I send staff other than PSWs to training?
No. To be eligible, Trainer(s) and Team Members must be PSWs working in the role of PSWs, employed by a Long-Term Care Home.


Do I apply for Recertification or Certification?
If you have been trained in ERCC within the last 2 years, please apply for recertification. If you were trained in ERCC longer than 2 years ago, or have never been trained before, please apply for certification.

Do I need to know who my Trainers will be before applying?
Yes. You must provide all contact information for your Trainer(s) in the online application.

Do I need to know who my Team Members will be before applying?
No. You will provide this information to us later when you begin Team Member training. You are, however, required to provide us with commitment statements of how many PSW Team Members you are committed to train.

I am a large chain; can I submit one application for all my Long-Term Care Homes?
No. Each Long-Term Care Home must apply individually.

How long will it take to receive application approval?
Pending approval of your documentation, you should receive e-mail notification of approval within one week.

I did not receive e-mail confirmation after applying. What should I do?
Your Long-Term Care Home’s internet firewalls may be blocking our automatic e-mails. Please contact us directly to follow-up. We also recommend adding us to your approved e-mail recipient list. Further information can be found here.

ERCC Program Information

What does ERCC entail?
ERCC is built on a train-the-trainer model. Your Long-Term Care Home must first certify PSW Trainers, who can then provide training to PSW staff within your Long-Term Care Home.

Where can I learn more about ERCC content?
Watch the ERCC Trailer Video here.

ERCC Trainer Certification

How many Trainers can I certify?
You can certify up to a maximum of 4 Trainers per Long-Term Care Home.

How do my Trainers register?
Once you receive application approval, your Trainers must each register individually here.

Is Trainer Certification online or in-person?
Trainer Certification is 24 hours: 16 hours of online learning, followed by an 8-hour in-class workshop. The Long-Term Care Home must provide Trainers with time to complete the 16 hours of online learning during working hours within the Long-Term Care Home. These 16 hours of online learning must be completed before the 8-hour in-class workshop. The 8-hour in-class workshop will be at a location outside of the Long-Term Care Home.

Where are the 8-hour in-class Trainer Certification workshops held?
Our schedule is available here. Your Trainers will be automatically-assigned a location in Ontario based on geographic region. You will receive e-mail notification well in advance with further details. Note: your assigned location is subject to change, depending on availability. We will do our best to keep you as close to your Long-Term Care Home as possible. Travel funding is available if travel to the 8-hour in-class workshop exceeds 100km or 2 hours one way. Further information can be found here.

Fund Distribution

What funding will be provided?
Approved Long-Term Care Homes are eligible for tuition, access fee, and backfill funding for PSW Trainers and Team Members at the rate of $25 per hour per PSW. Further funding information can be found here.

How will funding be distributed?
Upon approval of expense documentation, funding will be distributed to the Long-Term Care home via mailed cheque.

When does funding end?
Funding ends March 31, 2018. All expense documentation must be submitted prior to March 31, 2018 for consideration. No funding will be provided after March 31, 2018.


Who can I contact for further information?
Chelsea White
Lead, PSW Education Fund for Long-Term Care