Frequently Asked Questions

How does the PSW Education Fund for Long-Term Care work?

Step 1: Enroll for funding online

Assign a staff member as the Lead Contact, who will enroll their LTC home online to receive tuition and backfill funding for PSWs and other team members to participate in Excellence in Resident-Centred Care (ERCC) training, or LIVING the Dementia Journey (LDJ training). 

Homes are notified by email of their enrollment status. The number of PSWs and other team members eligible for backfill funding for this education is based on home size and is communicated to the Lead Contact in each home. PSWs will be given priority for training. 

Depending on demand, additional opportunities to enroll for funding may occur.

STEP 2: Get PSWs and other team members to register for training

For both ERCC and LDJ team member training, PSWs and other team members participate in 7-8 hours of virtual training (via computer). The courses are delivered online by 1-2 trainers and will have 10-25 team members participating, often from multiple locations.

Lead contacts will receive an email with a link to share with PSWs and team members for them to register for training.  It is strongly recommended that PSWs and other team members register themselves, as opposed to having someone else register on their behalf. 

Who can apply for funding?

Ontario long-term care homes are eligible to enroll to participate in the training to receive tuition and backfill for team member participation in the ERCC and/or LDJ education programs.  

What team members are eligible to participate in the training?

The training is available to team members working in long-term care and can include personal support workers (PSWs), resident support aides, nurses, recreational professionals, housekeeping, educators, etc.  

Can my LTC home participate in both ERCC and LDJ training?

Yes!  LTC homes in Ontario can enroll for both ERCC and LDJ training.  Please note that Lead Contacts will have to complete an enrollment form for each program. In addition, PSWs and other team members who wish to participate in both training options will have to complete a registration form for each program, as the training programs are provided by different institutions.

How does my LTC home receive funding?

Funding for tuition and backfill is only provided to LTC homes whose enrollments have been approved. Tuition and backfill reimbursement is only provided for the approved number of team members who successfully complete the course(s).

LTC homes do not need to submit expense forms. Tuition for courses is covered directly by the fund at no up-front expense to the LTC home. Backfill is reimbursed at a standard rate of $25 per hour. Therefore, for every PSW or team member participating in ERCC training, their LTC home will be provided with $175 of backfill ($25/hr x 7 hours). For every PSW or team member participating in LDJ training, LTC homes will receive $200 of backfill ($25/hr x 8 hours).

This backfill is provided to cover the time of those who are participating in training; LTC homes need to have other staff cover the shift(s) of those participating in ERCC and/or LDJ training. 

Reimbursement for backfill is paid by cheque and is mailed to approved LTC homes within 60 days of team members successfully completing the course.

Who can receive ERCC / LDJ education through the fund?

All long-term care homes in the province of Ontario can participate in the fund, including homes that have participated in the past.

There are limits to the number of team members within each approved LTC home that can receive tuition and backfill reimbursement, with priority given to PSW training. The number of PSWs and other team members allotted to each LTC home will be dependent on the size of the home and is confirmed when a LTC home enrolls in the PSW Education Fund.

What does my LTC home need to do to participate?

LTC homes need to:

  1. Identify a staff member as the Lead Contact. Lead Contacts will be responsible for:

a. Enrolling their LTC home to participate in ERCC and/or LDJ training,
b. Encouraging team members to register for, and participate in the ERCC and/or LDJ team member courses.
c. Reporting information as requested to the fund, and
d. Completion of fund and training evaluation surveys.

  1. Provide support to team members who are completing training. This includes:

a. Providing a space and a computer for PSWs or team members to complete the online training at their LTC home, or
b. Allowing PSWs or team members to participate in training from home

When are the training sessions offered?

See below for the scheduled training options for LDJ and ERCC team member courses.

Please note that all of these training options may not be available every week, depending on holidays, staffing, and demand.  Actual session availability is available when registering for LDJ or ERCC training.

LDJ Training Schedule

LIVING the Dementia Journey training is offered at the following times most weeks*:

Monday: 8:30am – 4:30pm
Tuesday: 8:30am – 4:30pm
Wednesday: 2:00pm – 10:00pm
Thursday: 8:30am – 4:30pm
Friday: 8:30am – 4:30pm
Saturday: 8:30am – 4:30pm
Sunday: No trainings offered

ERCC Training Schedule

Excellence in Resident Centred Care training is offered at the following times most weeks*:

Monday: 8:30am – 3:30pm
Tuesday: 8:30am – 3:30pm
Wednesday: 8:30am – 3:30pm
Thursday: 8:30am – 3:30pm, 2:00pm – 9:00pm
Friday: No trainings offered
Saturday: 8:30am – 3:30pm (once per month)
Sunday: No trainings offered

*Holidays will affect course offerings; no trainings will be offered on the following dates:

Thursday, July 1st (Canada Day)
Monday, August 2nd (Civic Holiday)
Monday, September 6th (Labour Day)
Monday, October 11th (Thanksgiving)
Friday, December 24th (Christmas Eve)
Saturday, December 25th (Christmas Day)
Monday, December 27th (Boxing Day – observed)

Any change to a course offering time will be communicated to team members ahead of time.

Do team members from my LTC home have to attend the same session?

No, team members from the same LTC home do not have to attend the same training session.  Lead contacts should consider when to have PSWs and other team members attend training, so that staffing levels are maintained within their LTC home.

What if my home has certified ERCC or LDJ trainers from the past?

ERCC: Because of ongoing pandemic restrictions, in-house training by certified ERCC trainers will not take place this year, as the “Train the trainer” model of ERCC training has not taken place in more than a year. In the future, the plan is to return to this model of training and delivery of ERCC training.

LDJ: If you have certified LDJ trainers, and wish to have them train PSWs and other team members in your LTC home, please identify that information when you enroll in the program. you will be contacted by an RIA team member to support you in scheduling your training session.

For additional information about LDJ trainers, contact program staff at or 226-338-6790.

How do I reschedule my training session?

We understand that someone may need to reschedule attending a training session.  If this is the case, please contact program staff at  or 226-581-2369 as soon as possible. We will work with you to help you select a training session on another day.