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The Learning Inter-Professionally Healthcare Accelerator

The Learning Inter-Professionally Healthcare Accelerator (LIPHA) is a simulation, coaching, and community platform that provides a virtual space with simulated cases and a serious educational game for personal support workers and nurses in the long-term care (LTC) sector to practice caring for virtual residents.

  • Combines leading simulation and game-based learning practices to improve care outcomes and experiences for residents, families, and teams.
  • Reinforces relational care, teamwork, and safety within the LTC home.
  • Improves the proficiency of new personal support worker and nursing hires.
  • Supports recruitment and retention.

Team members and students in long-term care need quality training to do their job well. They need to work together in teams to make sure residents get excellent care. Team members and students who are new to the sector also need orientation to what working in LTC is all about with quick, new ways of learning to meet challenges.

The Ontario CLRI at Baycrest developed and tested LIPHA as a new way of learning with George Brown College, Toronto Metropolitan University, and ARC Business Solutions. LIPHA is a virtual platform or app with easy-to-access, high-quality training for healthcare team members and students.

The software uses simulation and case-based learning grounded in a serious educational game. Learners will be taken through different levels and cases. They are given hints and can compete with each other through a point system. Team members and students can apply what they learn to real-world resident simulations.

  • This virtual learning platform is accessible online anytime, anywhere, on any device.
  • LIPHA can train learners (team members or students) individually or in groups.
  • Learners can access on-the-job tools and save their favourites for easy reference.

LIPHA has the potential to work with the learning management systems that long-term care homes already use and was created with the latest practice recommendations.


The Learning Inter-Professionally Healthcare Accelerator initiative is led by the Ontario CLRI at Baycrest and the Centre for Aging + Brain Health Innovation with support from Launch 57 and the Rotman Research Institute at Baycrest.