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One Day: Person-Centred Culture, Making a Difference Every Day

One Day is a new education session in building a person-centred culture in senior living settings.  This day-long, virtual training will equip long-term care team members to foster a more person-centred approach in their care provision and among their teams. 

  1. The course is unique because it was co-developed with people living and working in senior living settings, and subject matter experts in education, facilitation and culture change. 
  2. The course is action-focused: Learners will identify four ways to immediately implement a person-centred approach to care in their work, and two ways to share this knowledge with their team. Learners will be provided with a hard copy or a digital copy of One Day Learner’s Action Plan for use during the course and to keep as a tool for success.


  • The Culture Change movement
  • What is person-centred care and support
  • Person-centred communication

Module 1

  • The impact of ageism and their unconscious biases
  • The VIPS (values, individualized, perspective and social) framework

Module 2

  • The importance of valuing people, relationships and community in practice
  • The power of communication

Module 3

  • Treating people as unique individuals in practice
  • Incorporating life stories and important possessions into care and support
  • Creating opportunities for meaningful engagement, regardless of ability
  • Building belonging and supporting diversity at their long-term care home

Module 4

  • Recognizing perspective in practice
  • Using empathy to elevate care and support
  • The perspective of a person living with dementia
  • Advocating for residents

Module 5

  • How to foster a supportive social environment in practice 
  • The importance of emotional intelligence in a person-centred culture

Module 6

  • Increasing a sense of belonging, safety, security and joy

Module 7

  • Creating an action plan for change
  • Getting others on board
  • Sharing person-centred practices
  • Celebrating person-centred practices with teams


This curriculum is brought to you and owned by the Schlegel-UW Research Institute for Aging (RIA).