Step 2

Step 2: Certify PSW Trainers

Once long-term care (LTC) homes have received approval for funding, they can register the personal support workers (PSWs) identified in their application as Trainers for the ERCC Trainer Course.  Only PSWs are eligible for the ERCC Trainer Course.  The ERCC Trainer Course includes 16-hours of online learning, followed by an 8-hour in-class workshop. This section provides information about registering for and completing the ERCC Trainer Course. The ERCC Trainer Course is available in English and French.

Register Trainers Online

The Lead Contact assists each of the Trainers listed in the application with online registration for the ERCC Trainer Course. The registration link and deadline are provided to the Lead Contact by email upon approval of the application. The information required for Trainer registration is provided in the Implementation Guide.

Trainer tuition is automatically covered by the fund upon registration. There is no up-front expense to the LTC home or PSW for tuition.

Trainers Complete Online Portion of ERCC Trainer Course

Trainers first complete 16-hours of online learning during scheduled work time. The LTC home must provide a computer with internet access. The online learning must be completed within a 2-week window prior to the in-class workshop.

To access the online learning, Trainers must log in to eConestoga using the log-in information provided in the registration confirmation email.

Prior to attending the in-class workshop, Trainers will be assigned a module to facilitate during the in-class workshop. This assignment and instructions will be posted on eConestoga.

Trainers who do not complete the online learning will receive a failing grade, and the LTC home will not be eligible for Trainer backfill reimbursement.

Trainers Complete In-Class Portion of ERCC Trainer Course

After completing the required 16-hours of online learning, Trainers attend their assigned in-class workshop. The date and location of this workshop is included in the application approval email to the Lead Contact. No transfers or cancellations are permitted.

Attendance at this in-class workshop is mandatory. Failure to attend will result in a failing grade, and the LTC home will not be eligible for Trainer backfill reimbursement.

Receive Confirmation of ERCC Trainer Course Completion

Upon Trainers’ successful completion of the ERCC Trainer Course, the Lead Contact and Trainer will receive email confirmation with instructions on how to begin the ERCC Team Member Course within the LTC home.

Receive Reimbursement for Backfill and Travel

LTC homes will be reimbursed for backfill at a standard rate ($25 per hour x 24 hours of backfill = $600) for each Trainer who successfully completes the ERCC Trainer Course (see Implementation Guide for additional details on funding and reimbursement). This amount is calculated automatically based on the approved application and registration. LTC homes do not need to submit an expense form to be reimbursed for backfill.

Backfill reimbursement is mailed by cheque to the LTC home within 60 days of Trainers successfully completing the ERCC Trainer Course.

If Trainers traveled over 100km or 2 hours one way from the LTC home to the in-class workshop, the LTC home is eligible for travel funding. The Lead Contact must complete and mail in the Trainer Travel Expense Form.