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Team Essentials

Team Essentials is a comprehensive training suite comprised of eLearning courses that provide innovative educational solutions for LTC team members around priority issues in LTC.

We are accepting up to 7 LTCH Educators to pilot the Team Essentials for Engaging Families in Distress program. It will feature our eLearning course Team Essentials for Engaging Families in Distress and its associated serious game, Family Values.

This program will focus on the practice and application of Team Essentials for Engaging Families in Distress, and will include tools such as the ARC Compassionate Communication Tool and SBAR techniques. We will coach LTC educators to coach their teams on how to apply learnings and tools in daily practice.

In order to be eligible for this program:

  • You must have completed Level 1 of the SECL program
  • You must have completed the Team Essentials for Engaging Families in Distress eLearning course
  • You must have supervisor or director of care approval to participate
  • Your home must have identified family engagement as a priority for this fiscal year
  • Your home must commit to 1 or more teams completing the eLearning course Team Essentials for Engaging Families in Distress (2 hours in length)  between November 9th, 2023 and November 21, 2023. Backfill will be provided to your home for staff that complete the eLearning.

**To ensure equitable access to our program, applicants from earlier SECL Level 1 cohorts will be prioritized.

SECL Level 2 will feature virtual synchronous sessions and homework for participants to complete in between sessions. Ontario CLRI educators will provide coaching support to learners as they progress through the program.

Running from September 2023 to January 2024, SECL Level 2 will consist of 12 virtual sessions for educators. Group sessions will alternate between being 90 minutes to introduce each topic and 60 minutes in length to follow up on your experiential learning in each topic.

Applications for the SECL Level 2 Pilot are now closed.


This initiative is led by the Ontario CLRI at Baycrest.