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The Working Mind Long-Term Care

The Working Mind (TWM) Long-Term Care focuses on providing workers in the healthcare industry with the tools to promote mental health in the workplace while also reducing the stigma of mental illness. This evidence-based course provides participants with practical knowledge to

  • Understand mental health and mental illness
  • Recognize signs and indicators in themselves and others
  • Reduce stigma and negative attitudes toward people with mental health problems in healthcare settings
  • Support colleagues with mental health issues and improve their resilience

Three core modules focus on all team members who work in healthcare to increase their self-awareness and take care of their mental health.

Module 1: Mental Health and Stigma will introduce participants to concepts of health and stigma, and it will discuss the impacts of stigma on individuals living with mental health problems.

Module 2: Mental Health in the Workplace will help recognize and keep track of changes in your mental health and well-being and know when to take appropriate actions and have conversations about mental health with colleagues and friends.

Module 3: Stress and Resilience will discuss the impacts of stress on mental health and provide an opportunity for participants to practice the Big 4 coping strategies – proven tools to help deal with stress effectively and remain resilient.

For leaders, there is an additional module focused on leadership-specific content to help them provide mental health support to their teams.

Module 4: Supporting Your Team will build on the three core modules and introduce managers to practical tools to support individual employees and to support their team’s mental health.

Through the PSW Education Fund this year, leaders and team members in long-term care can participate in the respective 7-hour or 5-hour TWM Healthcare workshop with a trained facilitator with healthcare-related experience.

If you have recently certified TWM trainers and want them to train PSWs and other team members in your long-term care home, please contact to connect with an RIA team member. The team member will support your home in scheduling their training session and submitting the necessary information to receive backfill payment. For additional information about TWM trainers, contact program staff at


The Working Mind (TWM) is part of the Opening Minds initiative, managed by the Mental Health Commission of Canada (MHCC). Launched by MHCC in 2013, TWM is an evidence-based course developed by clinicians and peers.